What Are European Copper Chimney Pots?

A chimney pot is added to the top of the chimney to extend its height, creating a better updraft for combustion and reducing the amount of fumes and soot that enter your home. Our European copper chimney pots also serve a decorative purpose, creating the perfect old-fashioned look your home deserves.

Is a European Copper Chimney Pot Right for Me?

If you are having trouble starting your fire because of heavy downdrafts, or have noticed that fumes and soot are entering your home rather than exiting through your chimney, a chimney pot may help solve the problem by increasing the upward draft. A European copper chimney pot is also a great choice if you want to hide unattractive chimney caps or pipes or add to the aesthetic of your home’s roof.

Additional Considerations

Our products are building code-complaint and approved for use with leading fireplace manufacturers. Our 100% recyclable copper chimney caps are available in three styles and seven sizes to fit most applications.

How Do I Measure for a perfect fit?

Measure the exact outside dimensions of your flue tile sticking up above the crown of your chimney.


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