What Are Chimney Shrouds?

A chimney shroud is a decorative addition that can be installed on top of your chimney to add beauty, hide unattractive chimney caps or pipes, and aid the chimney cap in keeping out rainwater.

Is a Chimney Shroud Right for Me?

If you do not like the look of your chimney cap or pipes sticking out of your wood chase chimney, this is a great way to hide them and add some beauty to the exterior of your home and chimney. 

Additional Considerations

While a chimney shroud is an optional addition, a chimney cap is not. Installing a chimney shroud does not mean that a chimney cap is no longer necessary.

How Do I Measure for a perfect fit?

Step 1: Measure the outside dimensions of the top of your chimney of all 4.When measuring please measure from the top row of bricks just below the crown
Step 2: Measure from the crown to the top of the flue tile.What is that height?
Step 3: Take two photos. One standing back looking at the chimney. The second photo looking down on the chimney
Step 4: Email measurements and photos to jesse@chimcarechimneycaps.com