Chimcare Chimney Caps specializes in providing Custom Copper Chimney Caps. Copper Chimney Caps give that “antiqued” look that is so popular. This caps are guaranteed for a lifetime. Its the chimcare way! The caps are made with copper cladded over stainless steel for ultimate durability. We use both 16 oz and 20 oz copper to clad over the stainless steel structure. The screen is also stainless so as not to deteriorate. The customer copper chimney caps are very strong and durable and will stand up against strong winds & extreme weather.

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How Do I Measure for a perfect fit?

Step 1: Measure the outside dimensions of the top of your chimney of all 4. When measuring please measure from the top row of bricks just below the crown

Step 2: Measure from the crown to the top of the flue tile. What is that height?

Step 3: Take two photos. One standing back looking at the chimney. The second photo looking down on the chimney

Step 4: Email measurements and photos to


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