Non Air Cooled Single Wall Chimney Caps

High Quality Custom Stainless Steel Chimney Caps. These caps are all custom made here in the USA. If your looking for quality non air cooled chimney caps than these are the ones for you. Each non air cooled (solid pack) cap comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Stainless Steel High Quality Chimney Cap
  • Slips inside the interior pipe. You will need to measure the inside dimension of the chimney pipe. These chimney caps are meant for Single Wall / Solid Pack Chimneys Only.

Single-wall (or single-flue) chimney caps are standard chimney caps that are designed for single-wall metal chimneys (chimneys that are made up entirely of a rigid metal tube).

Unlike chimney caps that bolt directly to the flue or chimney crown, these single-wall chimney caps slip right inside the flue’s opening (the interior pipe). To ensure a proper fit, measure the inside diameter of both the center pipe and the outside pipe.


If your home has a single-wall or solid-pack metal chimney, a single-wall chimney cap is a great choice to prevent water penetration, keep animals and debris out, and protect from damage.


These chimney caps are meant for single-wall / solid-pack chimneys only.

How Do I Measure for a perfect fit?

To get the correct size, measure the inside diameter of the center pipe and the outside!

Black Chimney Caps


  • High Quality – Chimney cap is powder-coated black for this nice sleek look. Made of high-quality steel for durability and extended rust protection.
  • Protection – These chimney caps will keep the rain from coming down inside your chimney. Rain is what leads to costly chimney repair. The caps design with the screen will keep out birds, debris, and other animals from nesting inside your chimney
  • Installation – Easy installation with bolts that will tighten around your terracotta flue tile
  • Safety – Cap is designed as a spark arrestor chimney cap that will help prevent large embers and sparks from landing on your roof
  • USA Made – Support the United States business. Don’t buy Chinese-made caps that are inferior!

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